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Feed your gut and lose weight

al dente rolled oats

Are you constantly hungry, dealing with cravings, experiencing various aches and pains and ready for a nap after eating? Do you want to shrink your waist line and feel better? Heck, do you really just want to feel better and lose weight as an afterthought? Then it’s time to focus on your gut. And I […]

Is your daughter’s diet increasing her risk for breast cancer?

adolescent diet link to breast cancer

Is your daughter’s favorite meal a nice steak with mashed potatoes? Or is picking up a burger and fries on the way home from sports practice a frequent habit? Or is her idea of fruit and veggies, ketchup and relish? These foods may be tasty – who doesn’t love a nice steak or crispy fries dipped in […]

You may have prediabetes – so take a mulligan!

I get it.  I know how hard it is to cut back on candy, sweets and chips.  I grew up binging on lots of Bazooka bubblegum, Zero candy bars and Charles Chips.  I was tall and lanky and I could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight.  That changed in adulthood and so did my […]